Thursday, July 8, 2010

Where on earth is Montenegro?

I am sure you are wondering, "Where on earth is Montenegro?"

Montenegro is located in southeastern Europe bordered by Bosnia, Herzegovina, Kosovo, Albania and Serbia (former Yugoslavia). Its magnificent coastline looks out across the Adriatic Sea. The capital of Montenegro is Podgorica and the official language is Montenegrin. After a long, eventful history, Montenegro gained its independence from Serbia on June 3, 2006.

When describing Montenegro's landscape and location, Lonely Planet asks us to "Imagine a place with sapphire beaches as spectacular as Croatia's, rugged peaks as dramatic as Switzerland's, canyons nearly as deep as Colorado's, palazzos as elegant as Venice and squish it into an area two-thirds the size of wales and you start to get a picture of Montenegro." Thus, I'm sure from this short description that you can see Montenegro's location and landscape is unique in many aspects.

Whether you call it Montenegro, Crna Gora, Black Mountain, or the pearl of the Mediterranean, this is Montenegro. My soon to be home for the next ten months. Be sure to check out the video I have embedded below to learn more.

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  1. well, not all of us are wondering where it is :)

    Best luck Dustin! I will follow your writings